Monday, July 8, 2013

Non Toxic

The fourth of July happens to be one of our family's favorite holidays.  My husband gets choked up listening to patriotic music, I love the bbq and everyone adores the “pretty lights".  Chase always plugs his ears.but when we get home he will ask you watch the lights over and over again.

This year we had the opportunity to watch them throughout the week as we went from one event too another.  Two happened to also host car shows, which had all the boys in seventh heaven! 

We arrived at one event just in time for the kids to go get crafts and glow sticks.  Although Chase is six he still tends to stick things in his mouth, and the glow stick was no exception.  His bright fluorescent green short began to glow and he had lovely marks all over his face.  He looked fabulous! 

Then in slow motion I watched him reach up to rub his eye and held my breath in dreaded anticipation for the blood curdling scream I knew was on the way.  While my husband stayed with the other kids I went in search of the EMS I knew had to be hiding somewhere.

Chase wouldn't let the guys flush out the eye but he got a nice wash cloth with water, and left the ambulance with a  smile on his face.

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