Tuesday, March 27, 2012

`Using Literature as a Means of Dealing with Disappointment

Today when Chase got off the bus I checked his book bag, just as I do every day hoping for a new masterpiece.  Today there was just a notice that the last Steam Engine made for the Union Pacific (the Shiloh) would be stopping for a few minutes in town.  The weather was lovely, so we set out with the stroller (to keep Emma in check) to the old train depot.  Community members from all over town congregated close to the train tracks.  My kiddos waited so patiently, with much excitement.  The train finally came into sight, and as quickly as it came into town it left.  WITHOUT STOPPING!!!  The wails of my five year old will be heard for years to come in my memory.   

It came as no surprise that after his upset, when it was time to choose a book he headed straight to Full Steam Ahead! Little Red Train:  by Benedict Blathwayt. 

Can I just tell you that this book was a rare find several years ago.  It was on the clearance shelf at Barnes and Noble.  We bought it at a time when Chase was heavily into Thomas the Engine.  At the time he wouldn't let us read this book to him, however in the past couple of weeks this has become a favorite at bedtime.

Here is why I LOVE this book:
  1. The book is about a train, and the adventures that it goes through- but it isn't a personified train!  It is more what the conductor goes through as he drives the train!
  2. The illustrations are so detailed that after reading the words we review what happened by discussing the pictures.  
  3. The kids really get into the book when I say "Click clack" or "Clickety clack" or "Chuff Chuff"  Heck, the other day my husband got into it that whenever I said these onomatopoeia's he would act as a train.  (I finally had to ask him to stop because the kids were paying more attention to Daddy than to the book.)
  4. The stories are written in such a way that we can discuss sequence of events!  I love that for my kids!!!  What a great way to work on comprehension skills than to have them repeat what happened in order as we go through the stories!!!
  5. I just love the simple stories that are laid out!  Stories that the kids get into, and so do I!!!  What a great read!
Edited 6/30/2012

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